Communication consultant
Bogdan Preda is an independent consultant and journalist with extensive work experience in Romania and Eastern Europe since the fall of communism in the region, in 1989. In addition to his journalistic formation, Bogdan also works as an international-level communication and public relations specialist, having supervised relevant communication and image management projects for international clients, both corporate and individual.

Prior to expanding his career into advisory activities, Bogdan has experienced most journalistic stages, from reporter and international correspondent to columnist and media development manager, having addressed global audiences both in print and broadcast media. From 1990 to 1997, Bogdan worked as staff writer and correspondent for the Associated Press and Dow Jones Newswires. As of 1997, Bogdan started from grass and developed the operations of Bloomberg News in Bucharest for a period of 10 years, as senior correspondent.

In 1994 and 1995, he worked as an Associate Lecturer at the Faculty of Journalism & Communication in Bucharest as well as a Business Reporting lecturer in 1999 - 2000, at the Bucharest-based Center for Independent Journalism. Since Feb. 2007, Bogdan also writes columns for Prague-based Business New Europe.

Specialized in corporate affairs, external & government relations, public relations and communication, Bogdan has over the past 5 years worked as consultant for the teams of executives at various multi-national companies based in Western Europe, such as London and Berlin-based Gazprom Marketing & Trading, Zurich-based EGL AG, Trans Adriatic Pipeline AG, the Black Sea Trade & Development Bank and others.