Christian von Albrichsfeld

Christian von Albrichsfeld, General Manager, Continental Automotive Romania

Dr. Christian von Albrichsfeld is General Manager of Continental Automotive Romania SRL and Head of R&D Romania. He started his career in Continental AG (former ITT-Automotive Europe) in 1997, as Development Engineer in Advanced Development, and occupied along the years positions such as Subproject Manager in Advanced Development, Customer Project Manager for Electro Hydraulic Brake and Manager for System Strategy, Customer Project Manager for Daimler Chrysler Electro Hydraulic Brake, Project Manager for Regenerative Brake Systems and Head of Regenerative Brake Systems and Future Brake Systems.


Dr. von Albrichsfeld fulfilled the Military Service in 1986, and before joining Continental AG he was Research Assistant at the Control System Theory and Robotics Faculty at Darmstadt University of Technology.


Dr. Christian von Albrichsfeld was born in Brasov, Romania, studied Electrical Engineering at Darmstadt University of Technology and has a Diploma Degree in Electrical Engineering / Control Engineering and a Doctoral Degree in Engineering.