Narcis Horhoianu

Narcis Horhoianu, Marketing Director - Balkan Markets, Procter and Gamble

Narcis Horhoianu started his career as Assistant Brand Manager at P&G Romania in 1996 and he is Marketing Director in P&G since September 2009.

He graduated the University „Politehnica” from Bucharest being ranked in the top 5 % of his generation.


During his almost 17 years in the Company, Narcis has covered a very vast serie of projects from brand launches to organization structure changes.


His passion for people development, enabled Narcis to become one of the Company’s most experienced trainers, having covered courses such as „Successful Initiatives”, „Presentation Skills”, „Advertising that Works” and many others.


His enthusiasm and vast knowledge in the marketing field, enabled him to be actively involved in different projects:

·       Member in Board of Directors of IAA (International Advertising Organization – Romania), since 2004

·       Rewarded in ‘Top 50 most powerful and influent Marketing Directors’ – BIZ magazine 2010

·       Rewarded in ‘The most important 1000 Business men” in Romania, by ‘Ziarul Financiar” - 2008

·       President of Romanian EFFIE Awards (the global leading contest for “business building marketing/ advertising programs”) organizing committee – 2007, 2009, 2010

·       Member in jury of Superbrands 2006, which elected and rewarded high quality brands on Romanian market

·       Rewarded in Top 100 Young Successful Managers special edition of Romanian “Business Magazine” 2006

·       Held “Advertising Strategy”/ “Clients - Agency work” presentations within Industry Forums or national leading Ad’OrAdvertising Contest -2005

·       Member in jury for the Romanian EFFIE Awards – 2004