Ionut Purica

Ionut Purica, Energy Expert, Romanian Academy

Presently a senior researcher in the Romanian Academy’s Institute for Economic Forecasting, and Executive Director of the Advisory Center for Energy and Environment, Dr.Purica was also a personal adviser of the Minister of Economy and, previously, the Minister of the Environment and an expert for the Parliament of Romania. He participated in the elaboration of the EU accession strategy for Romania and the energy (electricity and heat) strategy (for the Ministry of Economy and Trade) and did risk analysis and transaction structuring and project management with USEA, JBIC, MARSH, ITOCHU, MVV, etc. Moreover, he did geostrategic project structuring on Constanta Trieste Pipeline and on the gas pipelines including an analysis of the gas market for the Council of Competition, economic impact of shale gas extraction in Romania and risk analysis of the power and gas grids also in the light of the critical infrastructure requirements of the EU appropriate directive. He is a member of the World Energy Council study group for energy scenarios 2050 and was a member of the steering committee of the Global Threats Study Network financed by Dpt.of Defence and managed by Virginia Tech. USA.


Previously he worked as a project officer for energy and infrastructure in the World Bank, in Romania and the Balkans (e.g. energy assessment in Kosovo 1999), being trained in project guarantees, value at risk, procurement to complete his expertise in engineering acquired as director for international projects of the Romanian Power Company RENEL and senior engineer managing a joint Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd-IMG-Bucharest quality engineering group for the manufacture of nuclear reactor components for the CANDU units in Romania. He worked also as an international researcher (under the ICTP TRIL Program) for ENEA Rome – the Italian Commission for Energy New Technology and Environment – and as an associate researcher at ICTP Trieste.


Prof. Purica has authored books in his field of expertise e.g.(ISBN 9781848164277, Imperial College Press) and published articles in journals like Risk Analysis, IEEE Power Engineering Review, Foundations of Control Engineering, Romanian Journal of Economic Forecasting, etc. He took his second PhD in economics, (the first one in Nuclear Energy Engineering) and, he is also teaching a course in Project Risk management to masters of science programs.