Steven van Groningen

Steven van Groningen, President and CEO - Raiffeisen Bank, Vicepresident - FIC

Mr. Steven Cornelis van Groningen is an expert of the Central and Eastern Europe banking market and over the past 10 years he has been on top management positions in subsidiaries of Western-European banks in Romania, Hungary and Russia. He managed the start up of ABN Amro subsidiary in Bucharest. Beginning with June 2001 he became a Vice-President of Banca Agricola-Raiffeisen, and in February 2002 he was appointed President. After the merger of Banca Agricola-Raiffeisen with Raiffeisenbank (Romania) he became the President of the resulting bank, Raiffeisen Bank. 

Mr van Groningen was President of Foreign Investors Council and during his presidency, he had a substantial contribution in overseeing the main activities of FIC, such as: drafting, writing and communicating the White Book, revising the “Program for Economic Growth” in Romania

He is a Dutch citizen and graduated from Leyden University in The Netherlands, majoring in Corporate Law. He has been a resident in Romania since 2005.